Mary Had a Little Lamb

When I was in Catholic school, my sixth grade class wrote a poem based on the poem “Mary had a little lamb.” We changed it to be about a different Mary and a different Lamb with this picture as inspiration. I finally finished typing it up in honor of one of the twelve classmate’s birthday. Enjoy!

Mary Had A Little Lamb

By the Immaculate Heart of Mary School 6th grade class of 2004-2005

Mary had a little Lamb

His Heart was meek and mild,

And everywhere that Mary went

She took her Little Child.

When forty days had come to pass

All from His holy birth

They hastened to the temple fast-

The holiest place on earth.

And there they met a saintly man,

A holy woman, too,

Who there a prophecy began:

“A sword shall pierce you through.”

Then next they fled from Herod’s rule

Across the desert sand.

Riding on a lowly mule

She bore her precious Lamb.

And when the time had come to go

Back to the Holy Land,

‘Twas an angel let them know

It was the Lord’s command.

For twelve short years she watched Him grow

From infant small to boy

A mother’s loving care did show,

With unsurpassing joy.

The Three went to Jerusalem

To celebrate the Pasch

For three long days she lost her Lamb

But found Him safe at last.

The years sped by so rapidly

For Mary and her Lamb

She said goodbye heroically

When Public Life began.

She knew the world His love would spurn-

Now no more a Lamb-

From Lamb to Shepherd He did turn:

When He gave Himself to man.

He chose twelve men of Palestine

To teach the world the truth

He knew that He had not much time

To make all souls like new.

He told them how to love Him more

And their neighbor too;

He taught both people rich and poor

And showed them what to do

He cured the sick and helped the lame;

He drove the devils out;

He made the blind to see again-

Still evil men did doubt.

Some people sought to make Him King;

He fled their worldly ways.

Hosanna to Him they did sing

And to Him gave all praise.

On the holy Paschal night

The Apostles came to sup,

Then ‘twas the Lamb who broke the bread

And passed around the cup.

Soon the Agony began

He took with Him the three

Now prayed He not as God but Man:

“Father, take this cup from Me.”

“Not My will but Thine be done,”

In meekness did He pray,

The sins of men were paid by One

When He would die next day.

All the Apostles fled away

When soldiers did appear.

Judas with a kiss betrayed

The Lamb we hold so dear.

His hands the soldiers came and bound;

They jeered and made cruel sport.

He uttered not a single sound

As they dragged Him to the court.

Look at Him, the King of Kings,

Scourged and spat upon!

Vile cursing through the air did ring;

His beauty was all gone.

And so the leaders turned Him out

And at Him mocked and jeered

He struggled on so desperately

‘Til Mary did appear.

He met that mother on the road

To gruesome Calvary

She helped to carry all His load

And shared His misery.

While the people laughed to see

Him struggle up the path

He climbed the mount so patiently

With the cross upon His back.

They ripped the garments off that back

Like a lamb that has been sheered!

They made Him stretch upon the rack-

Our Redemption cost so dear!

So bravely ‘neath the cross she stood,

That Mother Mary mild,

And Jesus asked her all He could

In making me her child.

At last the Lamb was slain for all

The dreadful sins of men,

Repaired at last the Primal Fall

And Heaven opened again.

His friends approached and took Him down

From the bloody cross

They laid Him in His mother’s arms

And she gazed upon her loss.

That Mother’s heart was filled with woe

As she held Him once again

For Mary loved the Lamb you know

But gave Him up for men.

Long years ago she’d held her Son

And offered up her Child.

Now the Battle had been won

God gave her back her lamb so mild.

They wrap Him in white linen,

In the sepulchre He lies,

As she sadly looks upon Him

And the tears fall from her eyes.

As at His holy midnight birth

In a strangers cave He lay

He purchased for us peace on earth

As did the angels say.

All had thought that He was gone

But His mother knew

After three long days were done

He would rise and be like new.

And then in three days He did rise

All radiant and bright

It was in this way He did show

His glory and His might.

The Paschal Lamb did first appear

To His mother fair

She embraced her Son so dear-

Her joy could not compare.

So by the prophecy which foretold

“A sword shall pierce you through”

Was crushed the serpents head of old-

The prophecies came true.

Mary had a little Lamb

His heart was meek and mild

He suffered, died, and rose again

And still remains her Child.


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