Jesus Is Always Present

I just started teaching second grade religious education and I am so excited to show them the beauty of the Eucharist. Right now I am working on making some resources for the chapter called “Jesus Is Always Present”.

Growing up is hard with all the pressures and issues that come up. I have seen kids so lost in pain and worry and I want to teach them that He is ALWAYS there for us. I want them to feel His love and to love Him in their beautiful innocence. You don’t always need to say a prayer that’s written out. You can talk to Jesus like you would your very best friend and that is a prayer. He will never put you down. His love is infinite and no matter what you do He will not turn His face from you.

The story of Jesus’s life and death is the most beautiful love story. He died so that we may live. We have a power in us to do good or to do evil. I want to teach them how good it feels to help someone, to say a quick prayer for someone who needs it, and I want to teach them to trust in the Lord for his mercy is never failing.

I am overflowing with joy. He fills me more than anything my mind can comprehend. I want to teach them to find things to thank God for every day so that they can realize what they have. He has removed so many obstacles from my life and I am seeing His plan unfold around me. I want them to look for Him in their lives, to see Him in everyone they meet.

Gosh do I have my work cut out for me. I pray that I can teach them things that will stay with them forever and I can make little evangelists!

“I am with you always, even to the end of time.”


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