Quest for Joy


I am still in the midst of my discernment journey, and I was talking about this to a man I met at church. He told me a great story that I want to share here.


There was a little girl that had a string of plastic pearl beads. She loved these beads and wore them every day. They were her most prized possession, the thing she cared most about in the world. Her dad came into her room and asked for the beads. She said, “But these are my favorite.” He replied, “I know, do you trust me?” She handed over the beads, and he handed her real pearls.


The point of this story is to remind us that when we give up something we really care about to answer God’s call or to do what we feel in our hearts that He wants, He will reward us with something much greater than we could ever imagine. The sisters have mentioned to me that everything you feel like you’d miss, like having children, a big house, ext. is replaced with an unspeakable joy. You become a different person, you begin to want different things, you find joy in all you do as you have a constant reminder that what you are doing is for His glory.


Trust… faith… these are things we should hope to find. I just attended a presentation on the lives of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Theresa’s order. They don’t have a lot of money, they don’t have insurance, they have faith that God will take care of them. The lady giving the talk said that one sister needed a major surgery, she called a volunteer and said “We need an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon, and it has to be free, we don’t have insurance.” The volunteer called the office of a surgeon that was recommended to her and explained the situation to the receptionist whose response was, “right…” The volunteer asked for her to just ask the doctor. She did, the doctor said “I’ll give her 15 minutes.” She came in and 15 minutes turned into 30 and he agreed to do the surgery for free and he then said “Any sister that comes to me for help, till the day I die, will receive it.” There are many more stories like this one. They all seem impossible, but God always provides for these women and anyone else who lets go of themselves and puts all their trust in Him.

Where I find joy

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