Teaching styles…?

I teach a group of fifth graders once a week. Once a week? Easy, right? NOT. I don’t have these kids long enough and by the next time I see them its like starting at square one. I don’t like disciplining my kids but they are so rowdy. For awhile I tried a three strike system. Every time they misbehaved I would write their name in the board and place a tally mark. When they got to three the would meet with the Director and so on climbing the disciplinary ladder that was in the handbook. It worked fine when I had a helper because we kept each other honest and didn’t let any kids slide past. Now I am the only teacher and I give them too many warnings and when they keep misbehaving I snap and give several of them two tally marks at one time. I’d appreciate any suggestions…


These kids aren’t always difficult though. I have kids who like to get hands on, it takes a lot of planning to keep them interested and I don’t set aside enough time to plan things they would enjoy. Last week a teacher was out of town so we combined fifth, sixth and eighth grades. I thought it would be terrible but the younger kids looked to the older kids and it was one of the best classes we’ve had. The eighth grade teacher and I took turns leading the stations of the cross. I was amazed how all of the kids said the prayers and sang the hymns. This is giving me ideas for other classes!





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