Discerning Your Vocation

What are we supposed to do with the talents, skills and interests we are given? I am working through this dilemma right now.Am I meant for married life, religious life, or something entirely different. I went on a retreat and met some fabulous nuns about a week ago. I had never even begun to consider the religious life. Some very wise sisters told me to never say no, to always be open to His plans. He knows where I’m meant to be. It may be difficult at times but even in our struggle He is forming us to become more like Himself, and to become a better example to those around us. 

I realized that we will always be engaged in a struggle with sin and temptations till we die and hopefully join our Father in heaven. There is never a point when you’ve ‘made it’ or you are suddenly off limits to satan. It’s the constant fight and acknowledgment of our shortcomings that make us more perfect and beautiful in His eyes. There is never a moment, even at our deepest point in sin, that He will abandon us or love us less. This is something that I have struggled with a lot over the past few years recently, however, I have found more trust in His plan. Partially because I was so confused and anxious about my future and I told this to the sisters even though it was probably completely obvious just by looking at me. They all came back with the same response, “We are working on God’s time.” It is easier said than done. Patience, waiting on Him, praying every day, giving Him time to speak to our hearts, and talking to others about their call are very helpful.

The sisters I spent time with are Benedictine, their motto is “Ora et Labora” or “Prayer and Work”. Sister M. C. told me if we were to pray all day we would probably be fidgety from sitting or kneeling all day. Our body and mind need to be worked so we can be free to be the right level of tired that we can sit quietly and appreciate those moments more and make the most of that time. I worked hard and I prayed hard. I was given a wonderful balance of those and other activities. I was given a lot of time to think, read,and talk with the sisters and I didn’t want to come back! 

I can’t wait for the day I finally know my calling and the peace and joy that will come with it.



“For God is not the God of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” 1 Corinthians 14:33



Teaching styles…?

I teach a group of fifth graders once a week. Once a week? Easy, right? NOT. I don’t have these kids long enough and by the next time I see them its like starting at square one. I don’t like disciplining my kids but they are so rowdy. For awhile I tried a three strike system. Every time they misbehaved I would write their name in the board and place a tally mark. When they got to three the would meet with the Director and so on climbing the disciplinary ladder that was in the handbook. It worked fine when I had a helper because we kept each other honest and didn’t let any kids slide past. Now I am the only teacher and I give them too many warnings and when they keep misbehaving I snap and give several of them two tally marks at one time. I’d appreciate any suggestions…


These kids aren’t always difficult though. I have kids who like to get hands on, it takes a lot of planning to keep them interested and I don’t set aside enough time to plan things they would enjoy. Last week a teacher was out of town so we combined fifth, sixth and eighth grades. I thought it would be terrible but the younger kids looked to the older kids and it was one of the best classes we’ve had. The eighth grade teacher and I took turns leading the stations of the cross. I was amazed how all of the kids said the prayers and sang the hymns. This is giving me ideas for other classes!